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Hi I'm Blake! I'm a hobbyist developer putting heavy focus on learning python amidst other programming languages, with an equal stress between frontend development and command line development and optimization. Take a look at some of my projects


I've been studying python for around a year now, and have started a small handfull of functional projects spanning from scripts aiding in my workflow to useful calculation utilities for tabletop gaming. I've submerged myself deep inside many linux distrobutions and can firmly say I know how to confidently use shells such as the Bourne-Again Shell, and Z Shell to operate and carry out my day-to-day tasks, as well as satisfy my programming needs. Here you can see a few of my projects!

Design and Artistry.

I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, but only recently (over the last 5 or so years) have I taken an interest in bettering my skills, and refining my style. I've taken art classes (among all schools I had enrolled in) for around a year and a half. Here you can find some examples of what i've learned throughout my studies in various traditional and digital mediums. I learned the basics of drawing with pencils, and can say I have a robust knowledge of shading, texturing, and perception-manipulation techniques. As of lately, I have moved more towards the vectorization side of digital art, more specifically the vectorization of traditional art.


I've played guitar for around 7 years now; my parents got me a first act guitar from Walmart back when I was 10, and after a while I started figuring out the notes and fingering methods. I took a short bout of classes at Eagle View Christian School, where I also underwent a majority of my basic art studies, and came out with what I use today as my foundations for learning new techniques. Over at my music page on tumblr you can find examples and music that I have parodied, covered, or written entirely. for older music slices, I keep my soundcloud up.

- Blake / ParkCity